Thursday, 22 September 2016

Stampin' Up! Thoughtful Branches - such a lovely set

For the last two weeks I have been crafting with the Thoughtful Branches set. This is a limited edition set that came out in August and it is such a lovely and versatile set. There is a stamp set and a die set which are available as a bundle:

Now the stamp set is lovely and you can do some beautiful things with it:

But this set really comes into its own when you start combining it with the dies. The intricate dies work together so well:

And the stamps allow you to really build a scene and using colour to give it a seasonal feel:



And then you can use the dies in a completely different direction:

Cute or what? I love it!

Now this set is available until stock runs out. To order it just go to my webshop or send me an e-mail:

The order number for the bundle is 144328 and gives you 15% discount on the total price. For just the stamp set choose order nr. 143539. There are also versions in French and German available.

My offer to refund you your P&P for orders placed over € 60/£50 with me is valid until Dec. 31st 2016. After you have placed and paid for your order just send me an e-mail:

I can sell to any European country where Stampin' Up! is active: United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria. If you are in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia or New Zealand you can contact a local demonstrator and they will be happy to help you.


  1. Your creations are all lovely and creative but I especially love the one above the hedgehog. Can you share how it was created? Did you use the baby wipe technique for the leaves? How did you do the background?

  2. Thank you Linda! For the Fall Tree I used an inked baby wipe to swipe the background making sure I pressed down quite firmly to get a good wash of colour. I then re-inked the wipe, placed it on an acrylic block (you could use an empty DVD case as well, any flat waterproof surface it good) and then used that as an ink pad to press the stamp of the tree leaves in. My leaves are still a bit soft so make sure you put enough ink on your baby wipe so you get a good print. Have fun!